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tiffany seemingly has it all. blonde, blue eyed beauty with brains. she got into one of the best schools in the country where she s a top student and she does some modeling as well. but tiffany has a secret. she cheated on her test to get into college. in fact she s cheated on all her exams before getting into college and after she got there. and someone has found out. and that someone is blackmailing her. he wants to meet her at a location, and tiffany knows there s only two choices. say, screw him, and wait for him to expose her secret and ruin her life....or go meet him, be a good girl....and submit.
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she hesitantly goes to the meeting spot, and see s her blackmailer, a black man in a mask waiting for her. and like a good girl...she drops to her knees to service him. tiffany inhales the big black dick, getting extremely messy with it as her blackmailer abuses her throat with his dick, smacking her with the dick and his hands. desperate to keep her secret, tiffany puts all her energy into delivering a sloppy blowjob. and by his moans and groans, tiffany feels like her secret is safe. but then...he turns around ! and commands her to eat his black ass! tiffany s a good girl..! .she s never eaten black ass before...but tiffany knows that to defy him would mean her life would be ruined. so without hesitation, she stuffs her beautiful face into his big black ass, burying her tongue in his asshole. spitting, licking and sucking on the asshole, tiffany works hard to satisfy her blackmailer s kinky, dirty desires. he alternates between brutally fucking her face and suffocating her in black ass, he even makes her puke! reaching her limit, tiffany works even harder to drain his dick, working his sensitive black dick head with her soft white hands, making him squirm and scream. after the abuse she has taken...she enjoys having the black bull under her control...his dick in her hands means she has the power over him. and she milks that power as she milks his dick, getting him back for manhandling her. the black bull can t control it anymore and screams as tiffany pulls a massive nut from his big black dick! she immediately puts it in her mouth, sucking all! the cum from the sensitive dick, as her blackmailer squirms in exquisite agony. he lays back, drained and satisfied...and tiffany knows...after the performance she just gave...her secret is safe.

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